Coming soon…

28 May

Hopefully in a short period time, I’ll have time enough to start this blog. My idea is to share with the people my trips… it’s not an innovating idea, I know, but soon  I’ll be travelling to Japan, for the second time this year (first time was in January), and I guess I can share my experience… Why am I travelling to Japan twice in a year? Because my boyfriend is there studying a master and I’m visiting him on summer holidays. We’ll be doing most of the travelling together but some days I’ll go alone.

I’ll start in Osaka and the main cities and atractions of West part, hopefully next time I’ll go to the Gifu region to an awesome place called Shirakawa-go . Later I’ll go to Yokohama where I’ll stay almost two weeks, and I’ll be travelling to some place in Kanagawa prefecture and also I’ll be visiting the capital, Tokyo, so close to Yokohama. I’ll visit for the second time some places as Nikko (Tochigi prefecture) and Kamakura (Kanagawa prefecture), because they’re lovely little cities and I missed a couple of things there, and I would like to see some places again too because they were awesome.

I like to plan everything before starting a trip, I like to see all the cultural things, in Japan I love to see the temples and gardens but I use to change the plans once I’m at the place, because when I feel comfortable somewhere I like to stay more and more enjoying the view from a hill, the nature, a walk or a spontaneous conversation with some local people. It happened to me last time I was there, I missed important things but I don’t regret because the most important thing for me is enjoying. At least this time I’ll be more than three weeks there. I want to visit many cities this time, so I’ll be missing many things in every one of them. Never mind to me, I’ll be glad to have an excuse to travel to this amazing country again.

See you soon!


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