Finland, Finland, Finland… the country where I want to be…

29 Jun

Last year I studied in Finland, and I loved the country. If you enjoy nature I highly recommend you to visit it. Whether in winter or summer there are plenty of interesting things to do and see.

It was the best year for me so far, so many good friends and good experiences that I remember everyday.

Monthy Python’s Finland song:




I prefer when I’m in a different country, to know the ordinary things the local people use to do. Sometimes I tried, sometimes not. There are many thing you can do in Finland, but here you are the most typical things that you should try:

Sauna is by far the most usual custom in Finland. They use to do it every day, they bring beers and go inside the sauna. Sauna places use to be near a lake and whether is cold or hot weather they go running from the Sauna and get into the lake waters. It means that when the lake is frozen and temperature is as cold as minus 30ºC or even colder the make a hole into the lake and get inside, it is supposed to help very much to blood circulation. I tried the Sauna thing and going out with the snow but I wasn’t brave enough to get into the lake.

¿Did you know there are about two millions of saunas in Finland, being just about five millions of inhabitants? That’s just unbelievable.


They like skiing, that I tried but definetely my balance is a mess and I cannot do it.

They like karaoke, actually in the little city next to my place there were some karaoke pubs even when there were just 20000 people living there. I sang sometimes with my Finnish friends. 

About drinks…I think the most common drink could be the beer (olut) but there are interesting drinks too as long drink (lonkero) and many types of cider (siideri), like forests fruits. I don’t usually do beer so for me was very good to have those drinks that are not strong. There are interesting but “dangerous” drinks like Minttu which is vodka with mint flavour. It doesn’t taste like vodka so you have to be careful, you can drink a lot so you can get easily wasted. Take care. Another thing I tried is “Fisu” which was vodka with Fisherman and friends sweets flavour. Kinda strong…

They live very much the Christmas time. Christmas time for the Finns is a time of peace and quietness. They hang the Christmas lights very soon, and the take them off very late. Maybe they are on the windows and home entrance until February or more. I loved it. It’s a way of giving a light when there’s no plenty of hours of sunlight. On summer they enjoy the “Juhannus” night, celebrating the beginning of the summer and good weather.


On wintertime, you can go skiing or trying the sauna-lake thing, you can even go Lapland and ride a dog or reindeer sleigh or go visiting the real Santa Claus (Joulupukki) in the Christmas Village in the Arctic Circle (Napapiiri).

 There are plenty of Christmas markets in every city since November. 

You can stay one night sleeping into Kemi’s Castle (Lumilinna), a huge snow castle, built every year. If you don’t have so much money you can just go inside and visit it. This is open from January to April if the weather doesn’t became warm and start melting it before. All year long you can go watching a hockey match. Hockey is the national sport.

If you are into rock and metal music, you are on the right place during the summer, there are plenty of music festivals.

You can go hiking into National Parks, and stay into free cottages (you can not stay in a cottage more than a day I think). My favourite thing when I was there on summer, was sitting on the lake side and enjoying the view, the silence or taking a boat and go around the closest lake to my home.



For a foreigner, Finns could be a little cold and shy, after knowing many local people and made really good friends, I appreciated very much their way of being. Friends are loyal and sincere, people in general are so reasonable, which is the best of them. They don’t use to do small talking, for me that I’m always talking is different. I like Finnish people I made very good friends there and I hope keeping in contact forever.

That was a brief introduction to Finland. In the next post I’ll recommend you amazing places to visit and more about this country.

Thanks for reading. Kiitos!

Just some music from a Finnish band I saw performing in Mikkeli, Stam1na:



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