Some Finnish films I like

16 Aug

After watching something like 7 or 8 Finnish films, I can tell that my favourites are Äideistä parhain (Best of mothers), the English language version is called Mother of mine, and the other one is Miesten Vuoro (Men’s turn) called in English, Steam of life.

The first one was the first Finnish film I saw and I did it at my Finnish lesson. My teacher, a Finnish woman I adore, tell us to bring tissues and definitely I needed them. I have to say, I’m a very sensitive person though…

Äideistä parhain is based on a true story. During the Second World War thousands of Finnish children moved to Sweden for their safety, some stayed with Swedish families, some others in foster homes. This film tells the story of one of them, Eero. The film is half in Swedish and Finnish language, very realistic and for me that was very interesting. Sure the best thing is watching it with subtitles…

The trailer (it’s in Finnish- Swedish language, but the others I’ve found in youtube spoil the film totally…):

The first contact with Miesten vuoro was on my Finnish lesson too. I saw a fragment, and I wanted to see the whole film. It’s a very natural film, as normally Finns are, a film about friendship and loyalty. I don’t know if every one of the stories the film talks about are true stories, I guess it though, but I know for sure that at least one of them is a true story and it’s awesome, I know if somebody of you watch this movie (if somebody read this post ;)) you’ll know what story I’m talking about and what’s my favourite… The film is a kind of documentary film (since my point of view) about the importance of sauna in Finnish culture which is more a ritual as you may know.

I watched it after I lived there and I learn many things of it. The sauna it’s a way of purifying not only your body but your mind too. You get a rid of all the bad things inside of sauna. It was a great job this movie, done with a very good taste. Delicately, softly and slowly. I really loved it.

Here the trailer:


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